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Our Mission

To provide Maine institutions with the highest possible percentage of healthy, local foods with a focus on a quadruple bottom line model: Social, Environmental, Economics, Diet & Health.

What Drives Us

Local healthy food is abundant in Maine but studies show that Maine institutions are not purchasing much of it.  Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative has risen to the challenge of maximizing local purchasing by:

  • Engaging with institutions, food service directors, local food producers and harvesters

  • Addressing the decline in food production and processing operations 

  • Expanding the role of agriculture in our state economy with increased sales  

We bring local healthy food into institutions through hands on technical training, stratetic marketing, and a proven nine-step implementation plan.

Our Story

It all started with the University of Maine students demanding more local food in the their food service operations.  Due to a number of colleges and universities around the country adopting the 20% local by 2020 pledge, this created an opportunity for a team of local Maine professionals to convene and form the Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative: the nation's first fully integrated food service & consulting organization.  It is Maine owned with collaborative members including consumers, producers and employee members.  Its goal was to change the way University of Maine procured and served healthy local food to students, workers, and their communities.

“With increasing demand for locally grown food by consumers and students alike, we felt the time was right to bring local foods to an institutional level,” says Ron Adams, Chief Operating Officer, “While our initial goal is securing the University of Maine System food service management contract, our larger goal is to provide locally produced food and food services to a number of institutions.  As a locally owned business, we will re-invest our profits in Maine by creating new management positions, paying workers a fair wage and investing in rural economies.”

In 2015, the University of Maine System issued a request for proposal for their dining services contract, which had been held for 10 years by Aramark, a Philadelphia-based food service giant, which along with Sodexo and Compass Group control 90% of the world’s food service management.  Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative submitted a bid on November 4, 2015 to the UMaine System and in December was selected to present as a finalist for the contract.  While the UMaine System announced that they had selected Sodexo who was able to invest $14 million into the campuses, they did adopt Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative's commitment to source 20% local (Maine) food, geographically within 175 miles of the UMaine System campuses within the FIRST YEAR OF OPERATION!  

This brings us to Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative today.  While the local food economy is still a frequent topic today, the use of local foods in institutions continues to lag behind due to accessibility, marketing, and utilization barriers.  Increasing institutional local food purchases will support more jobs in food aggregation, supply and ultimately restore food processing jobs that have been lost over the past 10 years.  We have refocused our efforts to explore new institutional contracts,  provide expertise in implementing local food integration strategies through the use of MFSC's Nine Step Implementation Planning Guide, and support institutions with business development, feasibility studies, technical training, nutrition education, food operational management, and strategic marketing.

Our sight is set high because Maine is worth it.  Land and sea harvesters/producers, food producers, and organizations committed to improving local food production in the state, all feel that a cooperative approach is the right way to approach a systemic solution for the state.   “Our approach to working with the institutions directly and developing new ways to market all the positive attributes of local foods, such as improving community economies, reducing waste, promoting health and flavors from local healthy foods, and encouraging institutions of all kinds that local food can be used within any budget structure, all through a transparent cooperative model," says Dave Seddon, MBA RD LD, Chief Executive Officer, "Maine is aware of the changes that need to, and should happen, for the health and for the livelihood of all communities.  We will be the foundation and hands on support to make it happen.”

Local Food for a Healthier Maine!  Let us help you make the difference within your operations.

Ron Adams, SNS
Dave Seddon, MBA RD LD

Eating & living a local life style in Maine since 1988.  Serving local foods in public schools since 1997 including up to 35% local while Director at Portland.  Better food leads to better health for all Mainers.

With 20+ years building and managing organizations, providing nutrition expertise, and developing strategic business plans, Dave continues to integrate best practices to increase sustainable agricultural and seafood products as a means to promote economic growth and to drive healthy outcomes throughout Maine and New England.   


We are grateful to our members who have volunteered their time to serve on the Board of Directors to ensure the direction and governance of the cooperative comply with the bylaws and mission.   Our board is comprised of members from all our membership classes.

2019-2020 Board of Directors & Officers

Ron Adams, SNS, President

Joanna Benoit, Vice President

Don Ladd, MBA CMA, Treasurer

Alexandra Mediate, Secretary

Dave Seddon, MBA RD LD

Nolan Stewart