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Board of Directors

John Herrigel (2023-26)
The Maine Oyster Company

Jeremy Bloom (2021-24)

Internet Farmer

Dave Seddon (2023-26)

PeakCore, llc

Chris Linder (2022-25)

Cooperative Fund of the Northeast


Nominations open for the Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative board of directors!


New Board members will be nominated and voted on via e-mail by members.  We are looking for board members that are committed to the mission of the cooperative to maximize institutional purchases of local foods; to enhance our local food system; and to participate in a cooperative structure


What is the commitment for being a board member?


  • We have 4 virtual board meetings per year, and one virtual annual meeting.

  • To be interested in sharing wisdom and know-how to grow the cooperative and our work.

  • Be a member of good standing with the cooperative.

  • Serve a 3 year term as board member. 

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