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Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative (MFSC) works as a consultant to maximize the amount of local foods being served in Maine institutions in order to provide fresh, nutritious foods and provide an economic benefit to agricultural businesses, while helping to create a sustainable food system.  While the local food economy is a frequent topic today, the use of local foods in institutions is lagging behind due to accessibility, marketing, and utilization barriers.  Increasing institutional local food purchases will support more jobs in food aggregation and supply, and ultimately restore food processing jobs that have been lost over the past ten years.

MFSC works directly with food producers, processors, buyers/distributors, partner organizations, and institutional food service directors and administrators to overcome the barriers to implementing a local foods program.  We apply comprehensive strategic thinking to the issues faced across the food system calling on staff with deep experience in actually the work of sourcing, providing and cooking with local foods.  

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Business & Marketing Strategy

Examples of the work:

  • Business Modeling - When to substitute local for industrial food that makes sense for the operational budget; feasibility studies and maintaining the confidentiality of your data.

  • Pilot and Capacity Studies - Exploring new strategies with your business in action, not just on paper.

  • Internal Barriers and Solutions - Identifying, problem solving, testing, and evaluation so your business is supporting a resilient, Maine Ag economy, not breaking the bank.

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Operational Consulting

Examples of the work:

  • Local Foods Implementation - Making your program a viable asset rather than a checkbox on your to do list and a drain on funding.

  • Local Food Benefits - Building the case for local foods to administration or food service staff.

  • Marketing - Marketing local foods to the customer, the staff and the community.

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Performance & Support

Examples of the work:

  • Food Safety- Analyzing your raw ingredients, sources updating your Standard Operating Procedures, HACCP and FSMA as required for your business.

  • Procurement Requirements - Including USDA Procurement for schools and inclusion of minority operators in your vendor search; RFP and Bid services from design to evaluation and award.

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