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Become a Member-Owner of the 
Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative

By becoming an owner you are helping to grow a democratic food system that works to meeting the needs of famers, fishermen, producers, distributors, workers and Maine residents. You are building a strong, resilient local economy that will provide healthy food and good jobs to Mainers.

As a member-owner, you receive the following benefits and can see our full bylaws here.

  • Annual patronage refund from co-op profits

  • The opportunity to run for and vote for the Board of Directors, attend our annual meeting and create the vision of the cooperative

  • Access to our newsletter and the latest information regarding community initiatives and opportunities available

  • Being a part of providing Maine food to Maine people through growing the New Food Economy

Member-Ownership Sign Up Form for the Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative

Yes, I want to become a member-owner of the Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative. I acknowledge a copy of the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation are available at If I leave the cooperative, I understand my equity investment is returned according to the bylaws. 

Thank you and Welcome Aboard! You will not be asked for a payment for membership at this time. Our staff will likely reach out to you if you have not made other arrangements.

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