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RSU 10 & RSU 12 Farm to School Mini-Grant Guide 2022-23
Required Workshop Videos and Evaluation

Important Dates:

  • December 23rd RFP due

  • January 13th Grants Awarded 

  • March 15th Last date to request funds

  • May 15th Evaluations due

Please view the following videos and complete the evaluation during November and early December to get your invitation to apply for a USDA Farm to School Mini Grant.

Use the links or scroll down to see the videos and evaluation form.


  1. Announcement of USDA Farm to School Mini Grants by RSU12 Superintendent Howard Tuttle

    1. Support for the Program

    2. 2021-22 Mini grant profiles

    3. Let’s Go Tools for Teachers

  2. Mini Grant Workshop video

    1. 1  hour presentation

    2. Note date change - Request for Proposals is due December 23rd

  3. Interview with Annette Caldwell, past mini grant recipient

  4. Complete this form in order to qualify for a RFP invitation

Announcement of USDA Farm to School Mini Grants

Mini Grant Workshop video​

Interview with Annette Caldwell

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