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BikeMaine in 2020

September 2020 marks the beginning of an unusual Fall. Most notably for anyone involved in the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s annual event, BikeMaine, is the fact that it isn’t happening this year. This is unsurprising - our nation is still battling the Covid-19 pandemic- but still, we miss it. Usually, this is when we at MFSC would be gearing up, packing our trucks, and finalizing meal prep schedules with our community partners. Instead, we’ll be taking this week as an opportunity to share some behind the scenes stories of the kitchen and other musings on local food.

Lunch at the Palermo Consolidated School, Day 1, 2019

The Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative has been lucky enough to be bringing healthy, local, delicious food to BikeMaine riders for the following rides:

2016: Discover the Bold Coast

2017: Pathway to the Peaks

2018: Acadia in the St. John Valley

2019: Coastal Connections

Up Next...

2021: Katahdin Frontier

While we patiently wait for 2021, check out this video for some more insight on the food!


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