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Update: January 2024

Maine Agricultural Trade Show Jan 9-11th

For the fourth year, Maine Farm & Sea Coop will sponsor education sessions at the ATS in Augusta.  We will also have a booth to recruit new members and farms interested in the new seconds market under the 2nd Harvest Partnership.  January 11th is local food day where we will have sessions from 9-3 pm, including a main stage presentation on marinara and greens, a 1 pm session on our projects and a 2 pm session on membership.  Come join us! 

Maine Marinara Collaborative - Marinara flowing to schools

Maine farmers came through with over 9,000 pounds of produce for the Maine Marinara Collaborative.  We were able to tap into Liberation Farms, Isuken, and New Roots to Increase the BiPOC-sourcing to 33% and overall Maine ingredients to 56%.  This qualifies MMC as a locally-produced food and makes it eligible for school purchasing incentives.  The sauce was made at Maine Food Group in Brunswick and packed in 20# pouches or number 10 can sized pouches.  Distribution takes place in January 2024.

MIGC processing, videos, and education

MFSC worked with its partners to cut, blanch, and freeze over 2600 pounds of hearty greens to be distributed through Wayside Food Program’s 80 community pantries and the St Mary’s Nutrition Center in Lewiston.  The Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program’s kitchen in Brunswick processed six batches of 300 pounds each day, while our new partner, Atlantic Sea Farms processed 800 pounds in two pilot runs in Biddeford.

2nd Harvest Partnership launches

The USDA Regional Food System Partnership launched on December 11th at Fork Food Lab with 25 partners and stakeholders finalizing the goals and objectives of this three year grant with a total budget of $1.3M.  The grant will extend the Maine Marinara Collaborative, and support the Maine Immigrant Greens Collaborative as those projects continue to support local foods.  Fork Food Lab will expand their processing equipment and staffing for value-added processing of farm seconds for use in these existing grants, new institutional customers, and by FFL members.

Nominations open for the Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative board of directors!

New Board members will be nominated and voted on via e-mail by members.  We are looking for board members that are committed to the mission of the cooperative to maximize institutional purchases of local foods; to enhance our local food system; and to participate in a cooperative structure

What is the commitment for being a board member?

  • We have 4 virtual board meetings per year, and one virtual annual meeting.

  • To be interested in sharing wisdom and know-how to grow the cooperative and our work.

  • Be a Consumer or Producer member of good standing with the cooperative.

  • Serve a 3 year term as board member. 


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