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Maine Marinara Certified and Delivered

maine marinara logo shows words and tomatoes

After a year of recipe testing, farming during a wet, cool summer, and processing in Brunswick, ME, the Maine Marinara Collaborative's sauce is the first local food product to be certified by the Maine Dept of Education/Child Nutrition Program for containing over 51% Maine grown produce.

This makes MMC eligible for school purchasing incentives currently available to reduce its cost making it more affordable for schools.

The Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative has provided project management, recipe development, sales, and marketing to the project funded by a Kendall Food Vision Prize.

Native Maine Produce is delivering the shelf-stable pouches of marinara to 19 school districts and the Maine Department of Corrections during January and February.

MFSC purchased over 10,000 pounds of produce and Maine Food Group has processed 600 cases of sauce. We sourced 33% of all produce from our partners at Isuken Cooperative, New Roots Cooperative Farm, and Liberation Farms.

Congratulations to all the project partners!

If you like these results - consider a membership at MFSC to support our goals of maximizing local foods served by institutions!


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