Recipes from BikeMaine part 2

Camp Wekeela Flank Steak My first experience cooking with the MFSC crew for BikeMaine was in 2017 for the Pathway to the Peaks ride. I came up in the middle of the ride on Wednesday. My role was to be fresh blood joining in the middle of the week to help everyone else who is running on fumes. That first day in Rangely was relatively easy, figuring out how everything worked, what I needed to do, how to feed 500 people in an hour…you know simple stuff. After a long evening of cooking and cleaning, we woke up before the sun, made breakfast for the BikeMaine participants, cleaned and packed up our cooking gear, and moved onto Camp Wekeela in Hartford, Maine for that day’s activities. I think I h

Recipes from Bike Maine part 1

Less than a year after moving to Maine, I had the opportunity to sign up to be a part of Maine Farm and Sea’s culinary team for BikeMaine 2019. The route for that year started and ended in Waterville, winding through the gorgeous mid coast of Maine. As a new Mainer I was thrilled to see my new home this way, meeting folks who are passionate about cycling, agriculture, and their communities along the way. I dabbled in all parts of meal service but focused mostly on lunch. A bit different than breakfast and dinner, lunch was a nice break in the day for riders between where they woke up and where they were to rest their heads at night. It tends to be a quick, rapid fire meal service that fee

MFSC BikeMaine Favorite Foods

Finding the way to BikeMaine base camps driving a 24’ refrigerated truck is always an exciting time. For many of our culinary crew at Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative, the thrill of seeing a new kitchen/dining set up, meeting new community food teams, and working with exquisite locally farmed, caught, and produced in Maine, never grows dull. Most of all, we are delighted to see happy, hungry cyclists devour all the goodness the towns and Maine producers have in store. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the other splendid offerings are made possible by many months of research, site visits, and inquiries into good agricultural and manufacturing practices. We ensure food is delicious, plentiful,

BikeMaine in 2020

September 2020 marks the beginning of an unusual Fall. Most notably for anyone involved in the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s annual event, BikeMaine, is the fact that it isn’t happening this year. This is unsurprising - our nation is still battling the Covid-19 pandemic- but still, we miss it. Usually, this is when we at MFSC would be gearing up, packing our trucks, and finalizing meal prep schedules with our community partners. Instead, we’ll be taking this week as an opportunity to share some behind the scenes stories of the kitchen and other musings on local food. Lunch at the Palermo Consolidated School, Day 1, 2019 The Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative has been lucky enough to be bringing

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