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Join The Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative’s Board of Directors

Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative (MFSC) is looking for two new members for our Board of Directors. Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative was started in 2016 and over that time has worked to maximize more Maine healthy food into institutions including schools, colleges and hospitals, support processing for farmers and food banks, increase local agritourism, and provide food service management services for agro-tourism events. We are looking for new board members who can help us grow and help bring more Maine food to more Maine people!

New Board members will be nominated and voted on via e-mail by members. We are looking for board members that are committed to the mission of the cooperative, to enhance our local food system and to participating in a cooperative structure.

Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative’s Board of Directors is responsible for governing the cooperative, developing a budget, and overseeing the fiduciary responsibilities of the cooperative, for maintaining and promoting the vision and mission of the cooperative, and being accountable to the membership of the cooperative. Additional committees, task groups, and strategic projects are determined annually by the board.

Board members are expected to complete onboard training, attend a quarterly two-hour board meeting (either in-person or remotely), and participate in 2-4 hours of additional board work each month. Board participation is not compensated by the cooperative. Additional meetings may be scheduled and committees will be established by the board that members may be asked to participate in. Board Terms are up to three years with the opportunity to re-apply.

Board members are expected to bring their expertise and energy to guide the Cooperative in its growth. The Nominations Committee will ask each nominee to complete a skills and interests survey and will recommend the best slate of Directors for the current needs of the Board. Current gaps include communications, marketing, and strategic development. We are specifically looking for board members that are producers such as farmer, fishers or processors. We encourage MFSC employees (current or future), consumers, and producers to apply. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining.

As MFSC transitions to a consumer cooperative to simplify our administration, we will have a board of 5 from the total membership of the cooperative - all of whom are considered “members” since we will all have the chance to buy from, to sell to, to work for, or to partner with MFSC and achieve active status in the future.

To submit your name for candidacy (or to nominate someone else) please proceed to the MFSC Nomination Form by February 25th and fill out your information. A resume will need to be uploaded. Optional: Feel free to submit a short video to allow our committee to get to know you.

For more information about joining the Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative Board of Directors please contact MFSC Nominating Committee at .

Dates to Remember:

January 25, 2021 Notice of Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Nominations are Open!

March 2, 2021 MFSC Nominations Close

March 25, 2021 MFSC Board Candidates Announced to Membership

April 26, 2021 MFSC Annual Meeting → Vote on MFSC Board Candidates Zoom @ Noon


MFSC Nomination Committee


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