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New Grants for 2023

I could not be more excited to share this list of Farm to Institution projects we are a part of starting this year. With expanded capacity and partnerships we will move more local farm food to our institutions than ever.

These funds are for a total of $240,000 over multiple years and is shared with many partners in the community and co-op members, and we are still waiting on more grants and partnerships to finalize. In the coming months as things play out we will share the details and further draw out the future of our farm to institution work.

  • $50,000 over two years from the Elmina Sewall Foundation to support our growth and development capacity.

  • $130K from the Elmina Sewall Foundation to expand our Ethnic Vegetable Program in partnership with Wayside Food Program and Farms for Food Equity. 30,000 pounds of vegetables fresh and frozen as a culturally appropriate choice; vegetable promotion and education by In Her Presence

  • $88 from the USDA/DACF Specialty Crop Block Grant to expand Ethnic Vegetable Program to Lewiston with St Mary's Food Center - 1 year

  • $2000 from SMNC for frozen greens for Winter 2024, processed by MidCoast Hunger Program shared use kitchen staff.

If you have questions or would like to connect with us about these farm to institution projects, contact us anytime.


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